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Cost Benefit & the Value of Hiring and Apprentice

The first Peer Review in Austria highlighted to visitors from the UK and Spain two studies carried out on the costs and benefits to a business of hiring an apprentice.

The first report, 'Company Survey on the Costs and Benefits of Apprenticeship Training in Austria' was produced by one of the visited organisations [ The Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training (öibf) ] and has been used to formulate policy and support the promotion of apprenticeship provision in Austria.

The second, also written by Austrian academics ' Apprenticeship training in Spain – a cost-effective model for firms? ' was unknown to the Province of Cordoba and will be useful to target SMEs through future events and campaigns.

The reports show that under certain conditions (length of training, amount of productive work, sector etc) there are economic benefits to a business, some more readily available than others.

The two reports are available in the Resources section of this website.


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