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Business to Business works best in Manchester

Despite the sudden arrival of

snow, over 60 delegates attended a breakfast event in Manchester City Centre to talk about apprenticeships. Chaired by Manchester Met University the event began with an introduction to the Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network to enable businesses to better understand the apprenticeship frameworks and where to find assistance. The focus then turned to the SMEs themselves and a very lively discussion took place led by a panel with the enthusiastic participation of businesses in the audience. The event was considered a success both in terms of the amount of information and encouragement this format provided, but also as 94% of delegates left the event with a better understanding of apprenticeships, 75% more likely to contact a Training Provider and 81% now likely or more likely to hire an apprentice. As a result of its success the format will be replicated in Cordoba and repeated throughout Greater Manchester.


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Growing Apprenticeship Partnerships (SME GAP) focusses on 'building capacities of intermediary bodies' to support apprenticeships in SMEs, with partners in the United Kingdom, Austria and Spain.

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