SME Readiness Toolkit

Some businesses told us they did not understand what they needed to consider prior to hiring an apprentice. Government regulations, expectations of the business for training an apprentice and where to find more support are common issues faced by many SMEs. Understanding if a business has the capacity to hire an apprentice is also essential to ensure a positive experience.

At the same time, businesses don't receive the same level of support from Support Organisations or Training Providers. 

The tool below is both a Self Assessment tool for SMEs in England to consider their own readiness to hire and apprentice and also a potential assistance tool for Support Organisations or Training Providers to help SMEs reach the point at which they are ready to recruit an apprentice.

Growing Apprenticeship Partnerships (SME GAP) focusses on 'building capacities of intermediary bodies' to support apprenticeships in SMEs, with partners in the United Kingdom, Austria and Spain.

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