Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to combine working with studying, in order to gain job-specific skills and nationally recognised qualifications.


Apprenticeships can be tailored to suit the company’s needs, and last anywhere from one to six years. They are available to new or current employees over the age of 16 that are not in full-time education.

Government funding is often available to cover the cost of training, making apprenticeships great value for money. 

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to gain innovative, motivated and talented employees.


By studying while they work, Apprentices bring the most cutting edge skills to your organization, helping to bridge skills gaps and harness the latest ways of working.

Find out more about the great benefits Apprentices can bring to your organization here.

Getting involved is easy, with a range of Business Support Providers ready to support you when taking on an Apprentice and developing an Apprenticeship Scheme.


The Chamber of Commerce can provide details of the most suitable Business Support Provider and offer advice on the process.

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If you are a Business Support Provider, be sure to check out our Resources page. 


We have a range of resources available to download, including Impact Cards, Posters, Information Booklets, and Employer and Apprentice Case Studies. 


We also have a range of video testimonials and case studies available here.   

Growing Apprenticeship Partnerships (SME GAP) focusses on 'building capacities of intermediary bodies' to support apprenticeships in SMEs, with partners in the United Kingdom, Austria and Spain.

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